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a child's hand made paper bag with a bird on it and red ears
Sponge Painted Shape Robots Craft
circle shape: big and little:Mice made out of shapes to go along with "Mouse Shapes" by Ellen Stoll Walsh
an abstract painting with squares and lines in blue, green, yellow, red, orange
The Collection | MoMA
Space Composition, I Johannes Itten (Swiss, 1888-1967) 1944
a green tile with wavy shapes on it
Ogee Drop | Tile
Fireclay Tile Pattern: Ogee Drop - Moroccan
a black and white photo of an intricately designed piece of art on a square plate
New etching
References for various fundamental things - composition, balance of details etc. I don't have sources for most of these as its something that was lying on my hdd for a while, but you should be able to look it up through google images.
an abstract painting of a deer with geometric shapes
I have found that the geometric look, such as this deer poster, has become more popular in design.
an arched bridge over water with trees in the background
le'bridge by vLixoz on DeviantArt
The reflection and shape of the bridge is incredible, and the way it frames the tree line is really cool.
an abstract wooden sculpture with white walls and wood flooring in the shape of chevrons
Johannes Marburg Photography
Yohji Yamamoto by Sophie Hicks -Very interesting alignment and composition of the shapes.
a colorful plate with an image of a hand on it
Art Elements using Hands
next year with MS--do something that incorporates the majority of Es + Ps for the first project, in a series of 1 day lessons ans additions to the composition. along these lines...
an image of pencils arranged in the shape of a star on a black background
My former photography teacher would have a cow over the un-sharpened points in this image, but it is an interesting composition.