I wish my dad would have used this ring to propose to my step mom it would have been so cool if he did instead he fixed her necklace and the proposed ! A cute ring!

Beach glass with hearts...amazing

I Heart Mexico - Genuine Sea Glass Jewelry - Hand Carved Heart Necklace

Grass ring

Green Grass Ring in Silver wide Adjustable Band by SeahagAndWalrus, via Etsy. Now all you need is a tiny lawn mower.

Fun earrings with bright colors handpainted with love by #Cinkylinky

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Blue butterfly stud earrings bright colors by #CinkyLinky

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Handpainted Lizard Brooch Enamel Lizard Pin  Reptile by CinkyLinky

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Handpainted Lizard Brooch Enamel Lizard Pin Reptile by CinkyLinky

Cute fox earrings by #CinkyLinky

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Fox Earrings Stainless Steel Enameled Earrings by CinkyLinky

Cute Giraffe Earrings

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Colorful Whimsical Fun Quirky Jewelry, Earrings, Stands by CinkyLinky

Handpainted Steel Butterfly Brooch by #CinkyLinky

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Colorful poppy earrings by #CinkyLinky

Colorful poppy earrings by

Viola Earrings  Flower Earrings Enamel Jewelry by CinkyLinky

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Hand painted colorful deer brooch by #CinkyLinky

Deer brooch handpainted stainless steel brooch white by CinkyLinky

Cute hand painted red ladybug studs with polka dots. Handmade with love by #CinkyLinky

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