Marta Lukačovská

Marta Lukačovská

Marta Lukačovská
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fluttershy by a_skopik, via Flickr

This is a crochet pony pattern inspired by the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It includes the base pony pattern and wings for a pegasus pony and a horn for a unicorn as well.

Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls amigurumi

Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls (A little pic chubby) - CROCHET - I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days now. I'm still fairly new to craftster (as far as actively participating goes, at leas

Gravity Falls

Alex and Ariel Hirsch, aka real life Dipper and Mabel (seriously, if you didn't know, Alex created the show with Dipper based on him and Mabel based on his twin sister Ariel THE MORE YOU KNOW)