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three stuffed animals are sitting in a wicker basket
Sassy cats
a small stuffed animal with big eyes and flowers on it's body, sitting in front of a white background
Guest DIY: Katie from Skunkboy Creatures
a small stuffed animal with red flowers on it's head and eyes, sitting on a white surface
someone is holding a stuffed animal with buttons on it
frog (or toad) doll tutorial
sewing supplies are laid out on a wooden surface, including a piece of cloth and thread
frog (or toad) doll tutorial
frog (or toad) doll tutorial – ann wood handmade
three different stuffed animals are shown in the same image, one is an elephant, one is a hedgehog
felt animals are arranged on a table with buttons in the shape of cats and rhinoceros
rag dolls sewing patterns PDF and tutorials in English
two small toy animals are sitting on someone's hand, one is wearing a hat and the other has a bird
deer and bird (textile brooches)