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a person dipping some kind of food into a small bowl filled with sauce and fries
Fry Sauce
The Ultimate Fry Sauce - I Am Homesteader
the best homemade italian marinara sauce in a large pot with a spatula on top
Simple Marinara Sauce from Scratch - The Carefree Kitchen
Hands down the best marinara sauce from and Italian Mama!! #recipe #marinara #redsauce #pasta #pastasauce #tomatoes #homemade
homemade marinara sauce in a pan with pasta
Homemade Marinara Sauce
Homemade Marinara Sauce recipe from #homemade #easy #marinara #sauce #recipe #RecipeGirl
a person dipping some food into a small bowl with fries and dip sauce on the side
Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe
So quick and easy to make, you might never buy tartar sauce again. This versatile Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce will be your new favorite seafood sauce alternative, salad dressing, fry sauce and dip, just don't tell people how easy it was to make.
a glass bowl filled with white sauce and garnished with parsley
Tartar Sauce That Makes You Scream... Oh Yes! Recipe -
Tartar Sauce That Makes You Scream... Oh Yes! from Your fish is begging for this wonderfully creamy and tasty tartar sauce. Perfect with my fool-proof crispy Beer Battered Cod recipe(#138647). A sure hit... you can omit the capers...although that would be a crying shame. Enjoy!
a piece of chicken covered in sauce on a white plate with the words the foodies kitchen written below it
Lemon-Cream Sauce - The Foodies' Kitchen
A few days ago, fish was being defrosted for our weekday lunch and I needed a sauce to serve it with. This Lemon-Cream Sauce is the perfect combination.
the best enchilada sauce is in a dish with tortillas
Best Enchilada Sauce - Cooking Classy
Enchilada Sauce - this is my FAVORITE homemade enchilada sauce! It's a thousand times better than canned and it makes the best enchiladas! You can make a double batch, then freeze half for later. via @cookingclassy
chili - colada pork for tamales in a bowl with the title above it
Chile Colorado Pork Tamales(Tamal de Puerco)
Chile Colorado Pork Tamales(Tamal de Puerco) - La Piña en la Cocina
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