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: More farm fun. kids can paint a yellow chick add feathers and glue on a little beak then paste their torn paper egg over

More farm fun.

We have finally finished our farm unit. It has been a while since I spent 2 full weeks teaching 1 theme. It feels like we have been looking at pictures of pigs and cows and horses forever but I'd much rather have lots of time than not enough! We had a great week with lots of fun and LOTS of learning. I have a ton of pictures to share so I'll get right to them :) The day after our field trip we made farm circle maps of all the things we saw. (The circle map is from the lovely Shannon Martin…

Math Coach's Corner: Developing Fluency w/ Number Bracelets. Concrete practice for combinations of each number from 1-10, which lays the foundation for fluency w/ addition/subtraction facts.  •	Instructions and labels for making the number bracelets •	Instructions for using the bracelets in a variety of ways with suggestions for differentiation •	Prompts for using a math journal to record all combinations of the numbers from 1 to 10 •	Missing addend equation cards for hands-on practice $

Combinations to 10 with Number Bracelets

Number bracelets provide concrete practice for determining all the combinations of each number from 1 to 10. This ability to compose and decompose numbers in a variety of ways lays the foundation for fluency with addition and subtraction facts.Teacher notes include:Instructions and labels for makin...

to replace my snowflake handprints...  kindergarten is in full bloom!

a perfect and colorful project for Spring (rengarenk laleler)

parmak boyalarıyla el baskısı

Let's celebrate reading! Sight word sort using Reading Street high frequency words (Kindergarten)

Let's Celebrate Reading {Sight Word Sort}

Fun station to use any time of the year! Your students read the sight words and then sort by how many letters each word has. They can record their answers on the response sheet. You could also print two sets of cards and play a memory game. ...

For the Love of Art: 1st Grade: Spring Chicks. Would be really great in a classroom hatching baby chicks.

1st Grade: Spring Chicks

For this project we talked about how many things artist create come from simple shapes. We also talked about visual texture, and how to use a sponge to get the "fluff" look of a chick. Using sponges and white and yellow tempera (mixed together and watered down), we made circles for the heads. We used triangle sponges for the nose, and the back of a paintbrush for the eye dots, feet, orange hair, and grass. I tried to teach "profile" with the kids- and some of them got it! Pretty cute!

Birds in Nests | Dali's Moustache My favorite part: "Side note: this may cause your kindergarten class to start chirping!"

Birds in Nests

This was a quick Kindergarten lesson to welcome Spring. I have a ton of egg cartons so this was a good way to 'upcycle' them. Normally I'm ...

Owl About 10 {Decomposing and Composing} Supports Math Common Core for Kindergarten. 5 activities with differentiated pages for young learners! $

Owl About 10 {Decomposing and Composing} Supports Math Common Core Kindergarten

You are receiving games/work pages to support the Decomposing/Composing Math Standard for Kindergarten! This pack includes the following: (All except for the last activity included two versions so instruction can be differentiated.) I Can Make 10 ....Again and Again! *(differentiated) either use; an...

Spring Crafts, Linky Reminder, and FREEBIE

Spring Crafts, Linky Reminder, and FREEBIE

Hey hey hey, I officially start my maternity leave today... YIPEE!!! I am not due to give birth for another month but I plan on going back to work right after March break next year (I get one year maternity leave) so there was no point in stretching this out any longer. I'm looking forward to getting the baby's room finished up and relaxing before the big arrival! As I was on my way out the door of my school today, I took a minute to snap a few pictures of some really cute art projects. Our…

Growing Together In KINDERGARTEN: January Recap

January Recap

Hot cocoa in my cup. Yum, yum, drink it up! Art Class Project: Snowman With Perspective How many snowballs will your name need?...