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an image of a computer screen with numbers and symbols on it
Open source alternatives to Adobe software
Open source alternatives to Adobe software: coolguides
four squares with the words quadd topoloy tips for 3d artists on them
Blender: напоминалки. Запись со стены.
a poster with the words today written in english and chinese on it, along with pictures of various things
I made a lil 'Daily Tasks' list/graphic for ACNH. I hope you find it useful!
I made a lil 'Daily Tasks' list/graphic for ACNH. I hope you find it useful! : AnimalCrossing
a poster explaining how to design your life
Visual Book Designing Your Life (Bill Burnett & Dave Evans)
An artwork inspired by the book “Designing Your Life,” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. For those who liked the book and want to have a visual poster to always remember the important messages. Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett, Dave Evans, visual summary, visual book, visual memo, non fiction book, non fiction lover, Book obsessed, read more books, Design Thinking, Designer, Better life, Well lived life, Joyful, motivation
सत्य वचन, Mental Health Facts, Happy Hormones, Formda Kal, Self Care Activities, Health Facts, Healthy Mind
How to Hack Brain Chemicals to Boost Happiness
a handwritten diagram with the words do you need it? and other things to say
I Lived On 51% Of My Income —& Saved $17,000
I Lived On 51% Of My Income — Saving, Shopping Ban
London train stations last night, prior to today’s full lockdown here in London. 😬
the 12 - factor app info poster
The World of Software Development Explored in 10 Infographics - DZone
The 12-Factor App
Mood Stabilizer, Brain Facts, Tighten Skin, Buku Skrap, Medical Knowledge, Painkiller, Good Mental Health
The Facts About Cervical Cancer