Push that part,where u feel pain,for 3 minutes

Acupressure points for the hands. very interesting! I've had reflexology on my hands and feet, it's amazing how it feels when it's done to heal.

Use Mullein to treat rconditions such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, sore throats and coughs,  and diarrhea or stomach pains. Sooth rashes & boils, heals bruises and relieves arthritic/rheumatic conditions, hemorrhoids, and cold sores.  Treat swollen glands and earaches.  Relieve migraines and help with insomnia. Directions for making tea & infused oil in article.

Mullein is the Herb for Respiratory Disorders: Its healing properties are found in its roots, leaves and flowers. Mullein tea is simple to make. Just steep the leaves in hot water. For a sweeter taste, mullein flowers can be added. You can drink the tea,

Medvedí cesnak - tinktúra (fotorecept)

Medvedí cesnak - tinktúra Tinktúra,, prečistí obličky a močové cesty, ale…

Vitamínová bomba pre zlepšenie zraku: výsledky sú úžasné!

This plant (Aloe Vera) originates from North Africa as it is believed. The leaves of it are thick and full of fibers and they release a luscious sticky

10 omytých skořápek vlašských ořechů dáme do 0,5l vody a pomalu vaříme 30 minut. Pak necháme ještě chvíli odstát, scedíme a popíjíme. Tento čaj Strnadelová doporučuje jako velmi účinný prostředek při kašli, zejména dlouhotrvajícím vlhkém kašli. Lze ho pít několik dní po sobě.

10 omytých skořápek vlašských ořechů dáme do vody a pomalu vaříme 30 minut…

Curly dock, Yellow dock | Rumex crispus plant: My grandmother would collect the young leaves and boil them to eat like "greens"

Interesting medical uses - Curly Dock, or Yellow Dock. Often viewed as a troublesome weed, the leaves and roots have medicinal properties. The leaves are edible

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