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Bulldog Frances, White Tattoos, Brush Pen, French Bulldogs, Wall Decorations, Animal Rescue, Homemade Things, Tatoo, Minimal, Tattoo, Watercolor, Animals

triple-weighted set of mixed woods including ebony, light rosewood and boxwood

Chess sets from The Chess Piece chess set store: The Supreme Choco Chess pieces, Wooden Chessmen

Vintage Solid Bronze and Aluminum Modernist Chess by FultonLane

Vintage Solid Bronze and Aluminum Modernist Chess Set Tall Mid Century Estate Find. King and Queen are diameter x tall. Each piece has the open screw hole in its base which shows that they were turned on a lathe

Could display my camera collection like this. #collections

Photo: Nordiska Style I've been eyeing Dansk pepper mills for quite a long time, and I recently (finally) got one! Dansk re-released .

Art Deco Chess Pieces

I own this very cool set, purchased from The Chess House. One of the things I like about it is the knights are basically large pawns (that is, soldiers), not horse heads.