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How to Transfer Vintage Wallpaper, Pictures and Almost Anything on Wood

You can basically transfer anything on wood, from photographs to wallpaper pattern. It's something anyone can do, and here is above the beautiful result you can get! What you'll need: acrylic gel medium : the beauty of this technique lies…

Bottles are by far a designer's most favorite item to re-purpose. Head over to Pinterest and you'll scroll endlessly for days, looking at the kind of

The Bottle Light transforms any glass bottles into beautiful glowing lamps.

Amazing Translucent Concrete Opens a New World of Design Ideas

DEN BLÅ PLANET - Miriam Ortwed The light emitted from the concrete is due to a transparent concrete made by casting optical fibers in the concrete and lighting the object from within.

Concrete Mini Cube Magnetic Planter

This little cutie is made of cast concrete and contains a strong earth magnet so you can put 'em on the fridge or just about anywhere. Each mini cube planter comes with an air plant (really fun and no