Marianne De Lenfent

Marianne De Lenfent

Marianne De Lenfent
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“angry queer antifascists”Brighton, England

Bringing you LGBTQ graffiti from around the world. Please submit any awesome graffiti you find or make, or tag your original posts with !

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, especially if you

Journelle is a luxury lingerie store in New York, featuring luxury designer lingerie, bras, underwear, loungewear and accessories.


"Capitalism has failed. State socialism has failed. It's time for a third way." I think that this third way is to be called SOCIAL CAPITALISM.

Don't Throw Tear Gas - We Can Cry By Ourselves!

"Don't Throw Tear Gas - We can cry by ourselves." sign being hold by a crying punk in a gas mask. Size: inches by inches For you folks on the metric system: millimeters by 140 millimeters

Anarchist women kick ass

One of the many women who played a vital part in the French Resistance during World War II. (can we say HERO)