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Simona Charalambievová

Simona Charalambievová
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All I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen. Amazing.

Kate Jablonski is one crazy good choreographer! Not a huge fan of the black bikini costume, I think it would look better performed with less people and more original clothing, perhaps vintage pin up

Michael Jackson

another migchael jacson vampire edit. i couldnt help myself, the first one was really really fun lol Michael Jackson Vampire 2

Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson- the most beautiful, fascinating man to ever live. Every time I look at it I just have this big smile on my face! I love you Michael!

Michael Jackson had such a beautiful smile...

Michael Jackson was a famous American Pop Singer who has so many fans who still miss him. May not have agreed with how he lived his life, but his music talent was amazing!