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To this Haleth answered: ‘Where are Haldad my father, and Haldar my brother? If the King of Doriath fears a friendship between Haleth and those who have devoured her kin, then the thoughts of the Eldar are strange to Men.’  ~ The Silmarillion, Chapter 17 (Haleth the Hunter on LOTR Amino)

mine still 1000 ilu vikings Katheryn Winnick Lagertha Historyvikings mine:still Shieldmaiden vikingsedit excuse the crappy edit i was screaming too much


Lagertha on Vikings.she may not be the Wonder Woman but dang it if she's not a beast! Such a strong protective mother and she has the coolest braided hair ever!

Great White Shark

Great White Shark I've seen a lot of great white photos this one for me captures the primal fear of this predator.