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black and white photograph of two leaves
Nature photogram
a black and white photo of a flower in the night sky with light coming from it
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Photogram art transparency photography method
an abstract black and white photo with some shapes in the middle, including rectangles
Markus Amm » Saatchi Gallery
Markus Amm, Untitled, 1999, Photogram on fiber based paper- 24 x 18 cm
a bird flying through the air above trees and branches in sepia tone with black ink on white paper
chemigrams Norman Sarachek
chemigrams Norman Sarachek
an abstract photograph of water and grass
Meandering Material 4/25
Meandering Material 4/25
an abstract black and white photo with circles in the center, on a dark background
Photograms and Camera-less Photographs
Laszlo Maholy Nagy - Photogram
black and white photograph of various sewing supplies on top of each other, including scissors
Magic Transistor
Another of Man Ray's Rayograms