Nalbinding (histor. techniky)

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a baby is wrapped in a sleeping bag
Sleepingbag naalbinding Schlafsack nadelbibden Sovepose i nålebinding
a green knitted hat sitting on top of a table next to a pair of scissors
a man wearing a hood and holding a large animal
Needlebound hood made for Kjell Braaten (Kjell Braaten music). Yarn bought at viking market. Mammen and Oslo stitch. Made by Lillian Koehler. Pls do not remove txt.
the instructions for crocheted slippers and shoes are shown in an advertisement poster
Nettbutikk - garn - ull - strikkeoppskrifter
a green knitted hat sitting on top of a wooden table next to other items
Fra en facebook-gruppe
a white mannequin head with a brown hat on it's headpiece
Sally Pointer on X
a woman wearing a red knitted ponchy with a hood on her head
KarinByom's Hand-dyed Red Hood in Nålebinding / Needle-binding
a man wearing a blue outfit and holding something in his hands while standing on the grass
Whipcording – Eithni's Keep
a pair of scissors hanging from a rope on a red wall with two white handles
Ravenlore Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills. Saami Handcrafts
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a gray knitted surface next to a crochet hook