Infant Dionysos

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The Infant Bacchus seated on a barrel holding a wine glass and thyrsus.  c.1780-90  Etching
Mosaics, Worcester Art Museum - IMG 7455.JPG
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Hermes with the Infant Dionysus - University of Saskatchewan
Glass paste intaglio engraved with a young satyr seated on a rock, with a shepherd's crook in his left hand. He holds out a bunch of grapes to the infant Dionysos, who tries to reach them. (see BM Cat. Gem 2930).  Pen and ink with grey wash on a sheet of paper, which is stuck down onto a second sheet together with 2010,5006.949 - 953; the assemblage framed in a red ink border.
Black glazed pottery lekythos   Relief representation of infant Dionysus seated with oinochoe and cornucopia surrounded by vines. Slipped decoration, the endromides black and red, oinochoe black and red, hair purple, background of green vine with bunches of grapes, which are left in the colour of the clay.  Mould-made.
Copper alloy figurine: Figurine of naked child with long hair, probably the infant Bacchus.
The infant Bacchus, naked, sitting on top of a barrel, holding a vessel in his right hand; his left arm uplifted, holding a chalice; unfinished proof.  1796  Etching
Infant god riding on Mercury's back over the sea; three dolphins in the water beneath; circular; published in 'The Dial' No 5 (1897) Lithograph in dark-green ink

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Terracotta figure of a comic actor from a satyr play, probably Silenos holding the infant Dionysos.
Dionysos as a child