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Whoa! This was by far the coolest thing I saw all weekend and surely #motivationmonday content. @kevin_manville_design is stitching together two pieces of wood...with copper. I mean, how crazy cool is that!?!? #stitchit #fixthisbuildthat

I love when someone mixes materials in a new way! Kevin Manville is REALLY stitching slabs together with copper wire.

DIY CNC Cable Carrier (DXF file link is included)

I have been playing around with a cable carrier and I thought I'd post my cadwork. I happened across this thread DIY cable carriers and thought I'd pos

3ders.org - Japanese artist creates awesome 3D printed transforming robot 'Stingray' | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

This intricate transformers-like robot toy STINGRAY has been designed by Japanese artist Tomoo Yamaji, who spent years working as a civil engineer in a previous life.