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the words kiss the hell out of me please written in white ink on a black background
How I Saved My Marriage
two texts that say, what u thinking about you always
two text messages with different emoticions on them, one says dummass and the other says lumbas
The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet
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two people are laying down with their heads close to each other and one is looking at the camera
two text messages with one saying what wrong with us but at least we are beautiful
incorrect diego and klaus texts
two text messages with the same message in different languages, one says that's us, we are paper clips supporting each other
follow your heart
two texts that say, how are you? and what do you mean to them?
a young man and woman laying in bed with map on the wall behind them as they stare at each other
off campus as pics 🌟 on Twitter
a woman with long hair wearing a white hat and making a funny face while looking at the camera
two texts that say, shouldn't you be sleeping? in your bed with you? yes