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an oil painting of two hands holding each other
a painting of someone playing the piano with their hands on it's keyboard,
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Художники и Поэты on X
a painting of a person sitting on a bench with a book in their lap and writing
Darren Thompson - 7
a painting of a person sitting on the ground with a book in their hands and buildings in the background
a painting of a person sitting down with their head on his hands and arms crossed
a painting of a wine glass being filled with red liquid
Pouring wine
a painting of two wine glasses and a bottle on a red tablecloth with an orange background
Conviviality by Mona Edulesco
a painting of red wine being poured into a glass
three people are toasting with red wine in their hands while sitting at a table
+Wine — Wayne McKenzie.
a painting of two glasses of wine being poured
Stilleven schilderij witte en rode wijn - Kopen | Kunst voor in huis
a painting of a man playing an electric guitar
¡Mi niñero esta loco! Vkook