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Interview with Sykora Roberts – Third generation IIN
I had the pleasure of interviewing my granddaughter, Sykora Roberts. Sykora is currently a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), making her the third generation in our family to attend IIN after myself and her mother. Sykora shares what inspired her to pursue a career in health coaching and integrative nutrition, as well as her experience so far in the Integrative Nutrition program at the IIN.
Affiliate Marketing
Cathy takes on the role of interviewee to discuss the Health Coach Group’s affiliate marketing program for health coaches. She discusses it all — what affiliate marketing is, what the program is all about, what inspired her to start it, who it is for, how to join it, and how it will help health coaches build their businesses and earn extra money. She also shares success stories and strategies for aspiring affiliates.
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Your fans want to know who is behind your business profile. Your story needs to make sense and convince others to read it. #thehealthcoachgroup
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The benefits of using memes for marketing. 1. Memes are cheap to create. 2. Memes can be a powerful brand marketing medium. 3. Memes can show a human side to your company. Brands fare best when they show some self-awareness. 4. Memes generate instant feedback. Their reason for existence is to go viral and that is what every brand has talked about since the advent of social media.(Digital Marketing Institute)
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Health Coach - Now is Your Time
Change the world! The world is ready.