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one image shows a slice of icebox cheesecake on a white countertop. the second image shows the cheesecake mixture being poured over strawberries in a white pan on a white countertop. Cake Recipes, Baking, Baby, Blueberries, Easy Fancy Cakes, Cake Desserts, Easy Desserts, Bake Cakes
Strawberry Icebox Cheesecake is so easy to make!
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an advertisement for a strawberry ice cream pie with strawberries on top and the words, cool whippie
dessert recipes | dessert recipes easy | dessert recipes videos | dessert recipes summer
Strawberry Pie 🥧 • For Yummy and Tasty Recipes 😋 Visit 👇
a close up of a cake with cherries on it
Strawberry Icebox Cake
Strawberry Angel Food Cake
a bowl of jello next to a carton of jello
Pink Cherry Jell-O Fluff
Fluff fruit salads are a potluck staple and loved by many. I tweaked a recipe from Penny Pincher Jenny to create this super light and de...
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no bake strawberry angel food cake dessert is ready to be made in the oven
Strawberry Jello Cake
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an advertisement for jello on earth cake, with information about it and the ingredients
Heaven on Earth Cake
a person pouring sauce over crackers on top of a dessert in a glass dish
how did i not know about this cake recipe | red velvet cake, oven, Rick Lax, cake, recipe | how did i not know about this cake recipe she makes red velvet cake with a twist! when she takes it out of the oven, its a delightful treat. thanks for... | By Jacky’s KitchenFacebook
Layered Strawberry Angel Food Cake
Southern Strawberry
a woman pouring fruit into a glass dish on top of a granite counter with other food items
easy no bake dessert 😋 | dessert, Angel food cake | easy no bake dessert 😋 this is an amazing no bake dessert using angel food cake and cherries! | By Kristin's Friends | Alright, y'all. I'm going to show y'all one of my favorite no-baked desserts. I bought this angel food cake at the store. It was on sale last night. I bought it. It was $3. If y'all want to buy, make your own angel food cake, be my guest but I like doing things that are easy, okay? So, all we going to do is just cut this up into like cubes. However you'd like like bite size, okay? Something like that. That's good. They don't have to be perfect because we're making a dessert and we all know where dessert goes. It all goes in our belly all to the same place. So, don't have to be perfect, okay? Gonna put half this, about half of this right on the bottom of this nine by thirteen bacon dish, okay? You have to like that. Actually, let's see. You know what actually y'all? We're going to use it all. This is supposed to be a layered dessert but we're going to make it, we're going to make a one-layer dessert, okay? Cuz that's all we got room for. This is perfect. So yeah, you just cut up your cake like so. Angel food cake on sale at the store. You can usually get it at night like the the one from that day and it's fine if you're using a day old one. It's so good. Alright, next step. I have a cup and a half of milk right here, okay? We're going to take one package of vanilla pudding, the instant pudding. We're going to put it in our milk. I up. We're going to give this a good mix and we still have one more thing to add here. Mix is real nice. Okay. That looks great y'all. Look how good this looks so far. Yeah. You're like don't look that good yet. I think it does. Okay, next step here, we're going to take some Greek yogurt. We're going to do about a cup, alright? I'm just going to I'm just going to guess about a cup. That's that looks about good. Yup, maybe a little bit more. Oh, That's great. We're going to mix this in y'all. Now, yogurt's going to make this a little bit thick but that's okay. That's what we want. We like it. We like it like that. Nice and thick. Mix good. What we're going to do here, we're going to take this and we're going to pour it on top of our angel food cake, okay? So, we're just going to pour the whole thing on top. Like so. Quick, easy, no-baked dessert. Everybody loves it and you can customize it too and like I said y'all, if you want to go ahead and make make an angel food cake, go ahead. Be my guest but I just like to buy it at the store because it's a lot easier, okay? So, our next here we going to take we have a can of cherry pie filling okay so we're going to take this and we're just going to spread it out right on top of our delicious angel food cake pudding yogurt mixture okay and we're just going to get it on here kind of even as even as you can you know it's kind of hard to spread but however however you can do it y'all and you know what else is good y'all in the summer there's fresh berries available at the store and they ain't so expensive like they are now you could do this with fresh fruit too and it's real good okay so that looks good y'all just like that. I think that's perfect and again, just if it's spread out pretty good, that's fine. Last step here. We're going to take some Cool Whip. We're going to put this right on top, okay? We're going to do a nice layer of Cool Whip right on top of our mixture here, our store-bought angel food cake, our vanilla pudding and yogurt mixture, and our canned cherries. Alright. Let's see. You know, I love cool whips. We're just going to use the rest of this. This wasn't a full container by the way y'all. It was almost full but not all the way. Alright, y'all. So, now, if y'all want to eat this right now, you can but it's it's better if you let that pudding set for about an hour. So, we're going to put this in the fridge. So, this is great. Even if you need to make it the night before for like a kid's baseball game or something. Let's see if you can see any of those layers. I don't know if you can see but alright y'all so we going to put this in the oven I'm just kidding we ain't putting this in the oven we put this in the fridge for about an hour and then we going to serve it up y'all I'm so excited alright y'all this has been in my fridge for about I don't know about three hours I actually forgot about it so I just had to take it out now but you want to let the pudding set so at this point you have a few options you can just serve it like this or you can put something on top now I think it looks boring like this so I have this red sugar sprinkles I'm just going to put a little bit on top I've also done like choc chips which I really like but we're just going to put a little bit because it's already sweet but I just think I just think it makes it look pretty you know and I like pretty food y'all alright this is a great no bake dessert remember we just use that cheap store bought angel food cake some vanilla pudding little bit of Greek yogurt and a can of cherry pie filling y'all alright I'm really excited to eat this Fred are you excited oh yeah oh my goodness it's going to be so good wow this might be like I'm excited oh my goodness look at this it's like a strawberry shortcake but hold on I gotta I gotta I didn't even get enough of the pudding, Fred. Look, there's this pudding right here. This is like the the pudding and what else? Greek yogurt mixture. Yup. Look at how that set up. That looks so nice. Alright, y'all. You know what? Some to take a bite. Let me get some of this. So, we got the pool whip. Give me some of that pudding. That's what I want. I'm going to I'm going to dig in here til I get a nice piece with the pudding and the cherry. Look at all that y'all. I'm so excited. This going to be so good. I'm excited. Here we go. Y'all okay. Um so y'all I don't I don't often go back for second bites but this pudding mixed with the Greek yogurt. This is real good y'all. You gotta try this. I'm telling y'all this is so good. Enjoy.
an easy cherry cream cheese pie is shown with the title in red and white above it
No Bake Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe! (EASY)