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10 really fun and simple ways to play with blue painter's tape. I especially love the balance beam while "fishing" idea!

Free printable coping skills cards are useful for teachers, counselors, or parents wanting to help kids self-regulate their emotions.

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Best New Books for Middle School and Late Elementary of 2015 | The Jenny Evolution

The Jenny Evolution

8 Elements of an Argument Posters, plus types of evidence and transition words. 17 8.5x11 poster. CCSS.ELA.9-10.W.1

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Painting with Toy Trains on Canvas, Now with Extra Pretend Play @ Play Trains!

Play Trains!

Sorting bugs on bottle caps - a great fine motor activity and color sorting or color matching activity for kids in preschool, pre-k, and tot school

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Give One – Get One is a great cooperative learning strategy and formative assessment option all in one.

Kids need help learning how to manage their anger. Blending solid information and sound advice with humor and lively illustrations, these anger-management tips guide kids to understand that anger is n


Playing with Kinetic Sand and Dinosaurs and Plastic Eggs

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free 2nd grade 100th day of school worksheets | Activities for the 100th Day of School | TeacherLingo.com

Measure and compare the lengths and capacities of pairs of objects using uniform informal units (ACMMG019)Compare and order several shapes and objects based on length, area, volume and capacity using appropriate uniform informal units (ACMMG037)

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Need something to help your little people remember the proper path of motion when making lowercase b d or p or the number 9? Reversals Poster Set: Act these out by drawing the letters in the air, on the tables with their finger, in sand, dry erase markers, using Visual Phonics hand shapes, etc.

Crack the Reading Code with the Brain-In-Mind - What the letters say when they go walking. Secret Stories ‘OUS’ Whenever three friends play together, one always seems to get ‘left-out.’ And when these three play- it’s always ‘poor little o’ that never gets to join in the fun! That’s why, when ‘o, u & s’ get together… “It’s just…………… “US!” Examples: ridiculous, strenuous, joyous


Looking for some classroom DIY ideas that you can create with your Silhouette Cameo?! Head on over to check out these back to school silhouette projects, classroom décor designs and classroom organization ideas! Plus, learn how to cut letters for your bulletin board using any font from your computer and your Cameo!

FREE Bossy R song and video is a fun way to practice r controlled vowel phonics patterns


The Just Build It Bundle is packed full of hands-on activities for centers and workstations. These activity focus on replicating a model, visual discrimination skills, counting skills, and creative building.

Bring your history lessons to life with one of these historical fiction chapter books. | thissweetlifeofmine.com

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