Huge, majestic Hornibrook Home, aka The Empress of Little Rock, 1888. Loads of impressive architectural detail, including jutting out gables at the top of the tower, and I love the birdbath fountain out front.

#ArtDeco | Salvation Army Building, Elgin, Illinois, 1930


Gorgeous bathroom shower design and built by Townsend Travel Trailers. Teak floors and hexagon tile make for a great combination in this renovated vintage airstream trailer.

Galería - Hotel Golden Holiday en Nha Trang / Trinhvieta-Architects - 71

ArchDaily México

Giant Iron Tree Built In Russia's Ministry Of Agriculture




1879 - Mansion with Studio & Stables, Thames Embankment, Chelsea, London -

Highway Overpass Landscape Detention System (HOLDS) --> The staff at dland built a bioswale – essentially a planter that uses vegetation and soil to absorb water – that was carefully engineered to withstand the intense flow of contaminants from highway overpasses and designed with plant matter that thrives in low-light conditions. >> by the Regional Plan Association and dland Studio


Home Decorating Trends - Homedit

Architecture model for -Les Comptoirs de l'Architecture-Handmade with crock and walnutScale 1/60

WHAT THE STRAWBALE AWESOMENESS!!! Timberframe & Strawbale Home in Old Snowmass | Strawbale Construction in Colorado | Land + Shelter

A bathroom I actually like