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a stained glass door with flowers on it
Barcelona - Ausiàs Marc 020 41
Casa Manuel Felip (I) 1901 Architect: Telm Fernández i Janot
an ornate iron window with the sun shining through it's glass panes, in front of a cityscape
don't call me betty
music-is-my-religion-yes: (Source: thisleadsnowhere, via feelgratitudeforwhoiam)
an open window in the middle of a room
Round Windows
Beautiful Art Deco "rising moon" Window, perfect inspiration for a cob or strawbale house!
an ornately decorated living room with large windows
Storia del mobile: lo stile Arte Nouveau - Artedelrestauro.it
ambiente arredato Art Nouveau-artedelrestauro.it
a stained glass window with a tree in the center and water behind it on a sunny day
I have found the “tree of life” story/iconology to be generally inspiring this year. Stained glass Tree of Life
a stained glass window in the front of a church with an ocean scene on it
The Memorials of Acadia National Park
Louis Comfort Tiffany's, stained glass window. Located in the Church of the Holy Innocents - Highland Falls, New York. A gift in memoriam to J. P. Morgan Sr., by his daughter Louisa Morgan Satterlee, c.1922. J.P. Morgan Sr. had been a member of the church. The Tiffany window depicts, Great Head on Mount Desert Island, Acadia Nat'l Park. "O All Ye Works Of The Lord, Bless Ye The Lord: Praise Him And Magnify Him Forever." (Book of Common Prayer, c.1662). ~ {cwlyons} ~ (Image: Acadia Memorials)
an ornate stained glass window in a church with trees and flowers on the windowsill
Met Museum - Tiffany Window HDR
a stained glass window with trees in the background
Second Presbyterian Church - Welcome All!
The Tree of Life Giving Campaign at 2nd Presbyterian Church of Chicago provides lunch bags to area homeless people.
two stained glass windows in a church with trees and water on the window sill
Wonderful Stained Glass - Tiffany ?
Wonderful Stained Glass - by catchesthelight, via Flickr
a stained glass window with trees and flowers on it's display stand in front of a white wall
"The Cedar Tree." Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. For a church in Duluth, Minnesota. - For the Indoor Swimming Pool.
a living room with a pool in the middle and lots of windows on both sides
Custom Stained Glass
Custom Stained Glass