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a blue vending machine sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a wall
Tiffany & Co. has created a designer vending machine
a vending machine sitting on the side of a street next to a traffic light
Nike - Vending Machine More
a magazine cover with an image of a man in the air
WET the magazine of gourmet bathingWET the magazine of gourmet bathing
"Wet" 70's magazine cover. A perfect example of the surge of creativity expressed in the New Wave era, here as it applies to editorial design. A basic structural layout with bold dark lettering is complimented by popping colors, patterns and typographic illustration.
two people with their mouths open in front of a blue, yellow and pink background
Illustrations, Art, Print Design, Art Direction, and Digital Illustrations image inspiration on Designspiration
the instagram page on instagram com features an image of a woman's face
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #129
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #129 – Muzli -Design Inspiration
three different types of cameras on a green background
Cool Camera Straps By A Teen Vogue Editor Will Snazz Up Your Camera