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Karolina K

Just a girl with a dream. Decided to put my thoughts somewhere, and because I love writing and kind of lost my inspiration I made a blog. :) My happy place. :)
Karolina K
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Free Printable Bookmarks | Student Ideas | Link Fun Watercolor With Quotes | For Adults. Download and print! via @esycoupons

Free Printable Bookmarks With Quotes About Reading

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I have an obsession with books! I love how a book can take you to another place where you can escape. I love that moment when we fall in love with the character’s soul, not his appearance.

Lorelai's letter to Rory about Logan

Gilmore Girls Loirelai's letter to Rory (about Logan). I wonder if this is really from the writers or a fan-fic?



A Dependable Stool | 22 Seriously Cool Cement Projects You Can Make At Home

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Schritt für Schritt zu einer zart-schimmernden Leuchtkugel aus Beton, welche sowohl als Dekoobjekt für innen als auch außen genutzt werden kann. Kr… | Pinterest

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"Where you lead, I will follow" Gilmore Girls quote flower canvas

For Merry's room bc this is our show💜

How to create a modern hypertufa planter to use outdoors - perfect for succulents!

How to make a modern hypertufa planter to use outdoors in the garden - perfect for succulents! Use concrete ready mix. plus organic matter (for hypertufa):such as peat moss, cocoa husks, wood chips or sawdust

Just my fav flower motivation :))

Gilmore Girls Bingo

Gilmore Girls Bingo - I wanna do this next time I binge watch the show!