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two small white dog planters sitting on top of a table
a white plate with blue flowers and butterflies on the rim, sitting on a wooden surface
bandeja de ceramica
a hand holding a small bowl with flowers and hearts painted on the side, in front of a white background
a bracelet made out of colorful flowers on a white surface with a ring in the middle
a wall hanging made out of wooden circles with various rocks and plants in the center
The Minimalist Ceramist
a woman is holding a decorative bowl with flowers on the bottom and leaves painted on it
@pottery.inhay’s Instagram post: “This ceramic work from @jlv_ceramics 🌱 Check out their profile and give them a follow to support their work! 👉 Follow @pottery.inhay…”
an ornament hanging from the side of a wall with a girl in a green dress
someone is holding up a miniature book with tiny houses and flowers on it that says enjoy the little things
Rate this 1-10. @alspotheads
a heart shaped ceramic ornament hanging from a wooden fence with leaves around it
Home Decor Ideas: Leaf Wall | Wall Hanging | Leaf Decoration For Wall
a hand is pressing buttons on some ceramic tiles that look like seahorses and plants
Handmade tiles by Emu Tile LLC
three ceramic bowls filled with fruit and nuts in the shape of people's faces
Large Monstera Leaf Ceramic Bowl