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a large storm is coming in the distance
DFW_Alerts CAC on Twitter
Still watching this tornado. #txwx #canadaintx #tornado by maxtmon
several firemen standing in front of a large bushfire with their backs turned towards the camera
Fire Tornado, California. I've seen this happen in Colorado. I was many miles from the fire but it was so intense, you could see the tornados from 20 miles away.
an airplane is flying in the sky over a parking lot and lots of buildings on a foggy day
25 Unbelievable Pictures Of The Tornadoes That Hit The Dallas/Fort Worth Area
April 3, 2012 tornado -- Lancaster, TX
the city skyline is covered in dark clouds
a large cloud is in the sky over a road
MULHALL, Oklahoma, May 3, 1999, F4/(F5, debated) tornado. On this epic tornadic day, this massive tornado that killed two but tracked in mostly open country was overshadowed by the destructive Bridge Creek-Moore F5 to the south. Some experts believe it was an F5 with winds approaching 300 mph, but damage was too sparse to give it that rating. Hurricane force winds extended four miles across its mile-wide funnel. it may have been one of the widest and strongest tornadoes ever. (KevinR@Ky)
a large tornado is seen in the distance
Red Rock Tornado - Extended Footage
RED ROCK, Oklahoma, April 26, 1991, F4 tornado. The same day as the famous Andover, Kansas, F5, this lesser known but possibly as powerful tornado tracked over open country for 66 miles, the longest distance traveled by tornadoes during that day's massive Plains outbreak. Researchers measured winds of nearly 300 mph within it. Some believe this may have been stronger than the Andover storm, but lack of substantial damage earned it an F4 rating. This video shows its violent motion. (KevinR@Ky)
a large tornado is seen in the sky
06/18/2014 Wessington Springs, South Dakota Tornado
WESSINGTON SPRINGS, South Dakota, June 18, 2014, EF? tornado (rating being determined). The best known tornado of a very active storm day in South Dakota was this damaging twister that hit this small town head on and severely damaged or destroyed several buildings and homes. The lack of fatalities and few injuries were due to good warning time by the weather service. This is a good, lengthy video by chaser Brandon Ivey (KevinR@Ky)
an airplane is flying high in the sky with flames coming out of it's tail
Fire tornado
a large black cloud is in the sky above a road and trees on a cloudy day
June 20, 2011 Bradshaw Nebraska Tornado
Power.... This is the kind we can't control. However one man was able to control the weather and calm the storms. He did so to show what He would do as King of God's Kingdom government. (Jesus calmed the Sea).
a large storm is coming in over a field
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Double Whammy,
the sky is filled with dark clouds over the ocean
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a very large tornado cloud in the sky
Massive Tornado, Fall River County, South Dakota, U.S.
an image of a tornado coming out of the sky over a house in a field
Been There Before by Jan Amiss Photography
a large tornado is coming out of the sky over a road and grass covered field
Man from Tornado Alley gives up his day job to become a storm chaser
A tornado in Bradshaw, Nebraska