Recuerdos de la Primavera de Praga, foto de agosto de 1968.

the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia with over Warsaw Pact troops and tanks, crushing the Prague Spring (which was a brief eight-month period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia).

20 de agosto de 1968 – La “Primavera de Praga” | Adribosch's Blog

20 de agosto de 1968 – La “Primavera de Praga”

Esta foto sin fecha difundida por el Consejo Revolucionario local del Madaya muestra un niño víctima del hambre y la guerra en Siria. La agencia Associated Press afirma haber verificado la autenticidad de esta imagen.

This undated photo posted on the Local Revolutionary Council in Madaya, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows a starving boy in Madaya, Syria. (Local Revolutionary Council in Madaya via AP)

1968 Czechoslovakia | Soviet In Prague

in Soviet tanks and Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the 'Prague Spring' movement

Prague 1968

A business man stares on as Soviet tanks roll in to Czechoslovakia to crush the Prague Spring, 1968

Paul Goldsmith Photography | Prague 1968 | The Photographs

Historic Photographs and Book by Paul Goldsmith of the Soviet invasion of Prague 1968 with comments by George Schulz and Condoleeza Rice.

Gran exposición sobre el genocidio armenio y el papel de la Iglesia Armenia - Soy Armenio

The Etchmiadzin Cathedral is the oldest state-built church in the world. The original vaulted basilica was built in by Saint Gregory the Illuminator when Armenia became the first officially Christian country in the world.