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a green guitar with gold trim on it
Gretsch Bono Irish Falcon - Bono Irish
Gretsch Green Falcon
a black and gold guitar sitting on top of a stand
1992 Gretsch 7593 Black Falcon
a black and white guitar sitting on top of a metal stand in front of a white background
GRETSCH G6136TSL Silver Falcon Black w/Bigsby | Chicago Music Exchange
a person holding an old guitar in their hand
70281 Loar has been worked on by Steve Gilchrist
two guitars sitting side by side next to each other
What's New: Introducing: Clark JM5 guitar bodied 5-string mandolin!
a yellow guitar sitting on top of a table
Apitius Mandolin Co
an acoustic guitar is sitting on the floor in front of a blue background with light coming from behind it
Models - DeCava L'Artista Mandolin
Use esses acordes e deixe suas músicas mais bonitas.
the guitar tab with notes and notations on it, showing how to play them
Applying a Triplet Arpeggio Sequence to the Cycle of Fourths
a black and red guitar hanging from the side of it's neck with a white background
a guitar hanging on the side of a wooden fence
1922 (Loar Period) Gibson F2 Mandolin #72838
five simple guitar licks using repeletive patterns on 2 or 3 strings
A great and easy way to expand our rock pentatonic vocabulary is to go up and down the neck with the same idea. So here are 5 simple pentatonic licks using repetitive patterns on 2 or 3 strings. Have fun ! And have a look at my Patreon page for more lessons. (
an acoustic guitar is shown in this close up photo
Cristian Mirabella
Luthiers | Fine Archtops
an old guitar sitting on top of a wooden table
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