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the doll is wearing a red and white swimsuit with stripes on it's sides
1964 – Present ~Skipper Roberts™
1964 – Present ~Skipper Roberts™ | Barbie Doll, friends and family history and news. From 1959 to the present …
a doll with long brown hair laying on a white sheet and wearing an orange dress
Chrissy Doll # 2
a woman is talking on the phone while standing in front of an oven and microwave
These 50 Nostalgic Memes Will Take You On A Trip Down Memory Lane
a yellow tennis ball sitting on top of a plastic bag
68 photos of toys from the 70s that will make you wonder where the time went
an old fashioned television sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
two beaded pony tail holders with pink and white beads on them, in front of an orange card
Flashback-Grade Pieces of 70s and 80s Nostalgia
there is a barbie doll with blonde hair and green bows on it's head
1972 Barbie Beauty Center Styling Head
a hand holding a camera with the words if you recognize any of these 3 pictures, i'm sorry you're officially old
If You Recognize Any Of These 35 Pictures, Congratulations! You Are Officially Old
If You Recognize Any Of These 35 Pictures, I'm Sorry, You're Officially Old
a poster with an owl holding a wrench in it's hand and the words give a hoot don't pollute
TV Commercial Advertising: Greatest Slogans Jingles Taglines & Catchphrases of All Time
several different colored sticks in a tube next to each other
Lots of Memories
Lots of Memories | You Got to be Kidding's Blog
a bottle of liquid that is green and white with the word prelle on it
38 pics of nostalgia to take you back
38 pics of nostalgia to take you back - Feels Gallery