bílá voskovka + vodové barvy

The crayon and then dye/ watercolour paint is a good inspiration for card making.

Grafisme amb material

What a great idea for motor skill development and also for storytelling (great way to take a journey!

Fer amb els xiquets les lletres de l'abecedari.

Un curioso abecedario infantil

For class word wall: A couple white sheets, a note sent home instructing mom to dress the kids in colorful clothes, and a ladder (and a photographer who is not afraid of heights! So fun! You could also do shapes.or spell out the name of the school!

Educació i les TIC: Educació Infantil

Alphabet museum: Inspired by Montessori alphabet boxes. Imagine the buzz when your students come into the classroomroom and discover a new item in the museum, or two items that have switched places overnight . excitement in learning!