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an abstract painting with flowers and leaves on it's surface, in shades of blue, red, orange, yellow and pink
The Main Lounge of the Queen Mary - AKA in Long Beach as the Queen's Salon
a book with an image of a bird on it's cover and the words swat zaginonyy
Художник-иллюстратор Януш Станны (Janusz Stanny)
an old book with the title written in gold and black on grey paper, depicting two ships
Chaucer Head Bookshop, Stratford upon Avon
the human use of human beings cybernics and society by norbert weiner
Montague Projects Blog: Daily Book Graphics #999
a woman with flowers in her hair holding something
A Bohemian Life
evencowgirlsgettheblues: .^.^.
an old book cover with flowers and butterflies on it's front, which reads life and her children
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
geisterseher: Arabella B. Buckley, Life and her children; glimpses of animal life from the amba to the insects (1901) by hannahmnt
an old book with the title among the pond people
Among the Pond People ~ETS #vintagebooks #antiques #beautifulbooks
the book how to know the trees by henry irving
How to Know the Trees, Henry Irving, Cassell & Company, Ltd., London, 1910
Grand Teton National Park Summer Cowgirl Summer Cowgirl, Cowgirl Art, Vintage Cowgirl, Travel Artwork, National Park Posters, Photo Vintage, Wow Art, Rocky Mountain National, Rocky Mountain National Park
PAL-1031 SCG Grand Teton National Park Summer Cowgirl
Grand Teton National Park Summer Cowgirl