Tereza Kašparová

Tereza Kašparová

Tereza Kašparová
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Very few people have issues with me. So, if we have issues then something is going on- definitely. I'm a pretty understanding and compassionate person- so if we do have a problem then it's probably because you are a douche canoe.

I'm the person who's down for spontaneous adventures But also down to lay in bed all day.so true!

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I can't do it any other way

Someone from La Grange, Kentucky, US posted a whisper, which reads "My idea of flirting is being as sarcastic as humanly possible and seeing if you can handle it"

She wasn't looking for a knight she was looking for a sword. - Yup, give me the sword. I can take care of my damn self. I'll take someone to stand next to me though, willing to fight beside me.