I just love art, music, good food, cute boys and tv shows. I'm weird tall girl (sometimes I think I'm just like Jared P., just girl version) :D #SPNFamily
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[SET OF GIFS] 9x03 I'm No Angel - "I read pie, the rest is just blah blah blah..." XD Loved this scene

[SET OF GIFS] I'm No Angel - "I read pie, the rest is just blah blah blah. I need to watch this episode so bad!

Brothers // Funny // Supernatural Humor // Winchester

I love how they're hunters and everything about their lives is not natural yet they're just typical brothers

I have pinned this before, but now every time I see this picture I can somewhat move past "OHMYJAREDJENSENDUCKSYAYAYAYA" and wonder, "What could have led someone to put a bouquet of flowers in a kiddie pool?"

Did you just call Lost a normal tv show? Plus this behind the scenes of Lost is from the pilot episode, so of course they are all business.

Supernatural Humor ~ "Did you use protection, Cas?" .. of course, Cas kept his angel blade close by! ;)

"Did you use protection, Cas?" Supernatural humor funny - of course Cas kept his angel sword close by!) yeah he had protection angel blade protection