Calimë Isil

Calimë Isil

I'm fan of so many things, I can't just write you all of them :)))
Calimë Isil
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Hobbit Hole Sugar Cookies - thats so cool!

The Bifrost Bakery: Fandom Food Recipe: Hobbit Hole Sugar Cookies

The Reichenbachmark - this is both clever and terrible

Nope nope nope the only appropriate way to use this is if you are reading the Sherlock Holmes books. << Or if you want to cry every time you close what you're reading

I'm laughing so hard :D

but then you join and you're like "Ohh my gosh I remember seeing a pin about this!" or "I remember that one person talking about this!" and it all just sort of clicks. and you smile really big, finally getting it. ((maybe that was just me?