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Russian sniper rifle, Mosin Nagant 91/30 with scope.

Russian sniper rifle, Mosin Nagant with PEM scope. Same model used by Vassili Zaitsev in the defense of Stalingrad.

Arpeggi-oh myyy

A deer! A female deer! ~ The Simpsons sadly my family has actually said that when we actually hit a deer

3 Ways to make Quora Your Secret Marketing Weapon (get a Panda with a gun!)

Spread the word, we need new recruits for the Panda Freedom Army. Barry is getting to grips with his new weapon. Join us today, Panda power!


For anyone who brakes in my house and try to hurt my family, this will be that last thing you see before you leave in a body bag.

Don't have a compass? Here's a reliable and easy way to navigate with an analog watch. Read the post to learn how you can also do this with any digital watch too!

Navigating Without a Compass – If you have an analog wrist watch, you can use the hands to navigate. I find it easier if I remove my watch and hold it in the palm of my hand in front of me. Holding your watch in front of you, turn around until the shorter