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Caius Giura

Caius Giura
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new paintings by kris knight

Paintings by Kris Knight His mythical and ambiguous portraits are a synthesis of fantasy and real-world memory; they tiptoe between the dichotomies of pretty and menace, hunter and hunted, innocence and the erotic. Throughout Knight’s professional practic

Lithunium snow

How To Take Long Hair For (Boys) Expert Secret Tips Many products are being sold in the market to make hair healthy. But it is a matter of thinking that hair can not be made healthy as the way things are made alive because the hair is not alive.

Mr. Finch, a reserved artist in England who goes only by this name, creates beautiful woodland creatures and plants that seem to have come right out of old English fables. Hares, spiders and mushrooms are recurring characters in his dream-like pieces, which are also inspired by British folklore and fairytales. They are all sewn out of vintage textiles, each of which has a story to tell.

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