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two white bowls filled with soup and topped with tofu, parsley and cilantro
Thai Coconut Soup (vegan, with tofu + mushrooms)
a large pot filled with soup and topped with parmesan cheese
Pastina Soup | The Mediterranean Dish | Pastina Soup: Italian nonnas call this "Italian penicillin soup." | By The Mediterranean Dish | - My Italian friends call this Italian penicillin, also known as pastina soup. It is healing, cozy, flavor-packed. This soup is made of tiny pasta, which is pastina, and a beautiful broth. Let's make it. (upbeat music) Pastina, one of the easiest soups and one of the most healing, delicious, Italian, yes, everything. Add in about six cups of chicken broth. We're gonna add in onion, carrots, and celery that have been cut up in large chunks and we're gonna turn on to medium high heat because we wanna get this party boiling, we want the essence of these veggies to get into the soup. This is nonna's secret to a good pastina soup. Parmesan Rind, goes right in here. The secret to flavoring this broth is in allowing it to simmer with all these veggies. Now, if you were cooking from scratch, you would have these elements already in your broth, and that's fine. But I am using a box because hey, sometimes a shortcut is a shortcut. So this is a great way to use a quality store-bought broth, add to it all the flavor, and then let it cook and extract the goodness out of these veggies. We've gotten it to a good place here with everything boiling profusely, bubbling heavily, whatever you wanna call it. It's bubbling baby, okay. We're gonna turn it to low and put our lid on partway, allowing it to breathe a tad, and then just let it simmer for another 20 minutes or so until all the veggies have really tenderized and collapsed, so to speak. More flavor, trust me, don't trust me, trust nonna. (presenter chuckles) All right, good things are happening, I can smell the aroma. Oh yes, gentle bubble. These veggies, they look like they're ready to be smooshed. So what we're gonna do is, grab 'em from the soup. We're not gonna waste them. Is that what you're thinking? Heck no! We're gonna put them in our food processor and turn them into a beautiful mush. Remember, we put in some Parmesan rinds in here, we're gonna pick those up, those have done their job. So only the veggies are going in the food processor. Grab your food processor. This is a good moment for that. Alright, take in the veggies right in here. Your food processor is attached to the blade at this point. Okay, now, take a ladle or two and add that in here. Oh, yeah. Tightly close. (blender whirrs) (upbeat music) Let's check it out. You should have now sort of a puree situation. Yep, there's so much goodness in the veggies here, so there's no reason to get rid of them. We just smash 'em, smoosh 'em, blend them, whatever it is, and add them right back. (blender whirrs) See, those Italian mamas and grandmas are so smart, they do not waste, they do not waste, baby. So this is going right back in here. So first, I'd like to remove this. Careful, because it's still sort of hot. Here we go, and then the rest of the puree goes in. And this is the secret that gives pastina that beautiful, golden, orangey hue is right here. When I was little, in Egypt, we made a similar soup, but it wasn't quite as colorful. Look at this. See the consistency? Gorgeous, see. Turning back on, and we're gonna bring this party back to a bubble. What remains is the pastina, the tiny pasta. Pastina means tiny pasta. See, here you go. Any tiny pasta that you can find is absolutely fine here. When I was little, my mama used the star-shaped pasta, and I absolutely loved it. Orzo's fine, any of that. So we're gonna, as soon as this comes to a boil, we're gonna go in with the pastina. Of course, it's a star ingredient. Bubble in, bubble in, bubble in. All we need at this point is, maybe just a little pinch of salt. So we're gonna do that, and then we're gonna add in our pastina, our tiny baby pasta right here. I'm gonna stir that in. Oh, yeah, now, your average pasta might take five to seven, eight minutes. This takes only three minutes, you guys. So we're pretty much cooked up here. And don't forget that it's gonna continue to cook even when you turn the heat off. So if you're not serving it immediately, you don't want a whole mess on your hands, right? So here we go. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This is able of goodness. I can totally see why they call this Italian penicillin. Because man, it is so good. A little bit of Parmesan, so cozy and so healing in the best way. I feel like this is one of those soups and I've talked to my friends about it, my Italian friends. It's one of those meals that always take you back to nonna's house, the childhood memories. It's just that sort of meal. I'm digging right in, let me see. Ladies and gentlemen, the gods are happy. Sometimes, people will add chicken to this, which is great. I kept it without chicken, you do you, right? But make sure you make it because you'll be making it on repeat all season long, it's so good. Find the recipe for pastina over on I will see you later, ciao, ciao. (upbeat music)
a bowl of chili with cheese on top
Vegetarisches Kartoffel-Gulasch mit Sauerkraut - echt einfach - Madam Rote Rübe
a white bowl filled with some type of pasta and cheese soup on top of a table
Brothy Cavatelli with Sundried Tomatoes & Parmesan
a bowl of soup on a wooden table
Vegetarisches Kartoffel-Gulasch mit Sauerkraut - echt einfach - Madam Rote Rübe
a bowl of soup with bread on the side
Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash + Carrot Coconut Soup
1h 15m
a white bowl filled with rice and chickpeas
Herb and Chickpea Stew with Rice.
Persian Herb and Chickpea Stew with Rice | #healthy #soup #easyrecipes #chickpeas