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the words in german are written with an alarm clock
Spiele im Deutschunterricht: Memory - die Uhrzeiten
Γερμανικά μαθήματα: Μνήμη - οι χρόνοι
an image of a poster with words describing the different parts of people in their life
Hin und her
a poster showing how to do different hand gestures for each child's body and hands
Mein Körper 3_ Bildwörterbuch
Teaching, Education, Berlin, Study German, Kids Learning
a woman holding up a red heart with the words too miki written on it
Němčina: Jak řeknete, že se vám něco líbí?
an image of different animals and their names on a game board with the words in german
a woman is looking at the camera with question marks above her head and below her ear
Němčina: Osobní zájmena - skloňování
two different types of words that appear to be in the same language, but not in english
Rätsel: Wörter mit [sch] - Therapiematerial Artikulation - madoo.net
Diese Fragen sollen mit SCH-Wörtern beantwortet werden. Als Hilfestellung sind Bilder am Rand gezeichnet. - zu Kindersprache. Auf madoo.net für deine logopädische Therapie.
the german language poster shows different fruits and vegetables
Obst und Gemuese
an image of a table with numbers and words on it, including the names of different languages
deutsche Pillen
Endungen mit bestimmten Genus Exeption: Der Reichtum, But: das Eigentum, das Zwittertum, ….
a poster with the words in german and an image of a monkey on top of it
Deutsches Zentrum | Escuela de alemán en Madrid, centro TELC
Personalpronomen Deutsch Wortschatz Grammatik Alemán German DAF Vocabulario
an image of different colored smiley faces with words in the middle and one saying that they are
a venn diagram with the words prepositionen in different languages