Deep in the Gothic Dark

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a man is holding his head in the air with red hair on top of him
a creepy looking mirror with a skeleton in it's face and hands coming out
Cell Mold by Romeck-Roman on DeviantArt
a drawing of a creature with many wires on its head and hands in the air
Crippled Miedi Opheima, Ruslan Korovkin
an image of a creepy creature in the dark
Spider Woman Artwork, Pedro Sena
the ghost is walking down the stairs with her arms outstretched in front of her head
Artistic Flair
a person standing in a field with birds flying above him and buildings behind them on a foggy day
an image of a creepy man walking down the hallway in a dark room at night
A door on the corridor, Danny Ingrassia
ArtStation - A door on the corridor, Danny Ingrassia
an old photo of a person standing in front of a window with curtains on it
a painting of a person with their hands in a box
The Gravedigger , Gina Nelson