Deep in the Heart of Texas!

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9 Manualidades de San Valentín muy fáciles
a field full of wildflowers under a cloudy sky
Иван Бодхидхарма
I LOVE THE RAIN ... and to me this picture depicts the start of a pending, very rainy day! I love it! I feel the mood of the air and the wonderful smells! :)
a cell phone with an info sheet on the screen and texting that reads surprising book fact
Surprising Reading Facts (Infographic) - Robb Brewer
a large rock sitting in front of a brick wall next to a tree with no leaves
Lone Star State of Mind
an empty road surrounded by blue flowers with the caption if you measure distance in hours, not miles you might live in texas
Texas Bluebonnets Highway - Pinlovely
Texas Bluebonnets Highway, USA