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The proverbs of middle earth by David Rowe #tolkien Oloris publishing

Do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. Love only that which they defend. ~ Faramir, Lord of the Rings

Greek Chiton: Evening dress The Met Museum

Evening gown, 1978 Madame Grès (French, Green silk jersey and green silk velvet (a) L. at center front 29 in. cm) Gift of Chessy Rayner, 1997 Source: Madame Grès: Evening gown


mod-e-boteh: “ Greece Fashion Week: Some photos from the ‘Olympia’ photo series which was inspired by goddesses in Ancient Greek mythology. Photographer - Paco Peregrin Source: (X) ”

Арда,фэндомы,длиннопост,Трандуил,Thranduil ,Синдар,Квенди,Леголас,Арагорн,Нуменорцы,Атани,Украдено,фотошоп

Lord of the Rings characters faces put in everyday life! This is hilarious! I love the driving lessons with Thranduil and Legolas!