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* One of a kind sapphire ring, choose from below sapphire options: * A- 0.93ct Light Parti Blue Green Montana Sapphire, 6.92x4.93x3.27mm, Heated, VVS * B- 1.23ct Light Blue Montana Sapphire, 7.46x5.44x3.81mm, Heated, VS2 (Video: Left finger, middle ring) * C- 1.30ct Oval Cut Montana Sapphire Aqua Blue 7.97x5.91x3.45mm, Heated, VS1 * D- 1.07ct Light Green Montana Sapphire, 6.93x4.99x3.5mm, Heated, VS1 (Video: Right finger, top ring) * E- 1.31ct Oval Cut Montana Sapphire Light Green 7.57x5.6x3.7mm Heated, VS2 (Video: Right finger, middle ring) * F- 1.34ct Oval Cut Montana Sapphire Blue 8.04x6.05x3.35mm Heated, VS1 (Video: Left finger, bottom ring) * Size 7, all other sizes will be resized, or a new setting will be made. * Bandwidth: approx. 1.4mm for 1.-1.4ct, 1.7mm for 1.60ct * 0.09ctw eart

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a woman's hand holding a ring with an aqua blue stone and diamonds on it
Montana Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
Design, Glitter, Engagement Rings, Vintage
Lavender Sapphire Engagement - The Garter Girl