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landart : Sylvain Meyer

French artist Sylvain Meyer has made these really cool land art installations. Using bark, leaves, and stones, Meyer creates these fantastic sculptures and textures by modifying the natural landscape.

Auerworld Palace

The Auerworld Willow Palace was planted in 1999 by architect Marcel Kalberer, a living canopy of strategically-placed trees woven together. The project was based on ancient techniques used in Neolithic Mesopotamian and European structures.

giant nature weaving

Outdoor weaving, so cool - weaving is so much more than wool, or silk or those fibers that we buy at our favorite knitting shop. Fiber can be, and is, found everywhere . I love this outdoor weaving with wonderful fibers found in nature!

Strijdom van der Merwe Woord (tro)fees (Word(Tro)phies (feasts)

Official homepage of South African land artist Strijdom van der Merwe. Strijdom uses found materials on-site to create installations, as well as create sculptures in response to a landscape, urban space or theme.

GREEN,GREEN,GREEN... (by E.CLarisse, L.Clerc & V.Linxe) - / LA MONDAINE /

Blossom Dam German artist Nils Udo made the above work in 1990 by creating a stick dam to hold back bindweed flowers, also known as morning glories,as they floated along a stream in Réunion, an island located in the Indian Ocean.