Kristýna Burešová

Kristýna Burešová

dancer, 16 years old, cz
Kristýna Burešová
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So true ♥ Stay strong.

But anyone of them compares to staying strong documentary. Anyone of this famous stars compares to Demi .

demi lovato, stay strong, tattoo

There are times, Demi Lovato admits in a revealing MTV documentary, when she doesn’t think she’s going to beat her addictions. “There’s days where you’re going to struggle,” she says in “Demi Lovato: Stay Strong,” airing Tuesday at 10 p.

i have come to realize that just making yourself happy is most important. never be ashamed of what you feel. you have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. that's my life motto.

I really admire Demi Lovato and her strength to share her story. She's a brave woman and I admire her.

Pain does that to people.

people who have Never lived with daily, Chronic Nerve Pain / Neuropathy / Fibromyalgia / RLS / MS/LUPUS /Chronic.clearly doesn't know what CHANGE IS!


demi lovato aka my idol forever with gorgeous red hair. There are few people who can rock every hair color, especially this one but Demi can wear anything and rock it like no other! I love this girl so much!