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"Understand - Written and illustrated by Katy Rollins "Living with ADHD gives the gift of so much awkwardness every day. Learn to laugh along with your condition."

"Pre-diagnosis, your favorite beverage was Mountain Dew, and your favorite time of day was 3 a." - From 29 Things only a Person with ADHD would understand

ADHD Natural Treatment  http://www.draxe.com #health #natural #holistic

Symptoms of ADHD, Diet & Treatment ADHD Natural Treatment Infographic Chart - From Dr. Axe - Food is Medicine (Note: A balanced diet, sleep and exercise are key. Research is mixed on the benefits of many complementary treatments.

Nootropics Survey Results And Analysis | Slate Star Codex

In case you are just joining us: nootropics are substances which purportedly improve mental functioning with relatively few side effects when used responsibility. It imp…