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the text is written in green and black on a light blue background with white letters
Který syn je nejlepší? No přece ten poslední... –
a man standing next to a golden faucet and the caption reads, this instagram account collects ugly designs from around the globe and here's 10 of the most terrible ones
‘Ugly Design’ Instagram Is Full Of Things To Make You Laugh And Cringe And Here’s 35 Of The Best Pic
Bird Golf
The kestrel bird
a man wearing a hat standing next to a brick wall near a chain link fence
Poor dude made me laugh - Funny
the view from an airplane window shows clouds in the sky and below it is a plane wing
A plane's actual speed - Awesome
a man standing in front of a large television screen with white balls on it's back
Static electricity - Funny
an old book with some type of text on the front and back cover, in english
Diskusní fórum modelářů • Přihlásit se
the text is written in black and blue on a teal green background with an orange border
Dnes v lékárně...
😆When you succeed unexpectedly
the man is playing with his dog in the yard
The ants has to go! - WTF
The ants has to go!
two texts that are being used to describe what they're talking to each other
Wedding,Wedding Hair,Wedding Day,wedding decor: 42+ CRAYZ WHATSAPP FUNNY TEXT,STATUS