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Titanic na mori. Titanic on the sea.

Titanic na mori. Titanic on the sea.


If you go searching for the thinspiration pictures, there are awaiting an array of mesmerizing petite ideal body photographs that can leave you

Eating disorders.

How many of us see ourselves as the bubble picture? No matter what the scales reads.this shows the mental challenge of someone seeing their true self image.

self image.I know quite a few friends that also suffer from this.I wish we could all see ourselves from someone else's eyes.

Someone with anorexia nervosa may have dropped to a very unhealthy weight, yet still see themselves as fat. It’s a trick their brain plays.

Have you ever heard of Anorexia in teens? This is an eating disorder. Here we present information about the causes & signs of anorexia in teenagers, read on!