Buddha Organic

Buddha Organic

Europe / Quality, style and meaning. That's what you find in the organic t-shirts made by Buddha Organic. #SustainableFashion #art #spirituality #creativity
Buddha Organic
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Definitley want to use Bengali writing for the tattoo on my back/side near my arm! Bengali- bhetorer shanti - inner peace if i ever get a tatoo

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. - #Buddha #quotes #QuoteOfTheDay

"Ameliorate ~ to make better, to improve; to heal, to solve a problem. The pure & benign Light of revelation has a meliorating influence on Humankind.

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Let everything go, don't judge, forgive, and love. You will be happy and free of thought when you're not busy judging others, forgetting what someone else did or what you did and just love what you do and have.